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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 5, 2019, Issue 1
The Design of Tehran Architect House by Emphasizing on the Sense of Place from Phenomenology View
Soniya Falahatdoost, Zahra Mehrabansehgonbad
Pages: 12-22


The existential goal of architecture is to change a space to a place. One of the interests in the spatial studies is the sense of place as a dependent concept in the different environmental contexts. In the recent decades, the researchers have been attracted to the places with different land useses than permanent settlements. Some of these tendencies are towards to university, school and their peripheral spaces which have potential to flourish the place concepts. Following the identification and detection of this problem in almost all educational spaces, the effective factors in creating the sense of place in educational spaces were determined. This study is conducted to develop the idea of Architect House as a center for gathering the young and prominent architects, teaching and research about the expertise issues of architecture and holding the conferences and competitions as well as expertise training classes, and ultimately as an expertise source of architecture. This center is located in the north of Tehran. All these factore made this complex an appropriate space to create the best architectural ideas and develop Iranian architecture. The space of Architecture House should be first ideal physically. The desired physical spaces refer to those spaces that the prominent standards of clean air, proper temperature, adequate humidity, light, sound, appropriate view, energy efficiency, accesses and connections are met in their design.

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specialty journal of architecture and construction
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