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specialty journal of sport sciences
Volume 1, 2016, Issue 1
The effects of Home Therapeutic Exercise on physical fitness of women with back pain
Fateme Zare Bidoki, Vahid Zolaktaf, Gholam Ali Ghasemi
Pages: 35-48


A series of inhibiting factors has led women with back pain to be usually recommended staying in bed rest and be banned especially from sport activities. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of a home therapeutic exercise protocol on physical fitness of women with low back pain. The training program included 2 weeks of practical work and training. Then, with phone supervision and guidance for six weeks and using training CD, patients continued exercises at home. Preliminary tests were repeated every two weeks until the end of the program. Test used included standardized tests of physical fitness. Statistical analysis was done through ANOVA for repeated measures by SPSS software. Statistical analysis showed that for all 6 physical factors, there is a significant interaction in favor of the experimental group. According to the results obtained, it can be concluded that home therapeutic exercise with the protocol presented in this study has been effective on improvement of physical fitness. In total, according to the physical benefits of therapeutic intervention used, this approach can be introduced as a valuable therapeutic way to improve back pain patients.

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