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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 1, 2015, Issue 2
The impact of marketing mix on brand equity and its relationship with the customer response and provide an appropriate model
Akram ghelichkhan, Hamid Reza Saeednia
Pages: 1-10


Abstract: The study presents a conceptual model that was designed by Buil and colleagues, at the same time to evaluate the creation of , brand equity (perceived quality, awareness / brand associations, brand loyalty) and the effects on consumer responses (purchase intention, brand extension, brand preference, price premium) stick and using a standardized questionnaire with content validity and construct validity and reliability of the Cronbach's alpha to acknowledge receipt of the required data we collect. To collect data for randomly selected stores the population of the Sony brand and customer convenience sample size of 384, we used to reach buyers. The purpose of this research is the application of methods of collecting survey data to examine relationships between variables correlation. The results of hypothesis tests using SPSS, LISREL (structural equation modeling) suggests that the perceived quality of the creation of brand equity and brand equity has its greatest impact on purchase intention.

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specialty journal of psychology and management
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