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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 3
The Mosques Entrance Element Typology of the Il-Khani Era in The Central Plateau of Iran
Hossein Aali, Mohsen Aali, Erfan Mohammadi, Sheida sabri, Zahra Ayoubi
Pages: 1-14


At first glance the architecture of mosques is simple and outer face is not also very different from other architectures, but with passing time and entering a mosque in Iran, Iranian architects inspired by the Islamic worldview and combining it with art major impact on the structure and formation ornaments on sacred architecture took place that studying the formation of art of the mosque during Ilkhani era, undoubtedly a sign of prosperity and the importance of building mosques in that period. The concept of entrance before Il-Khanan era was only a room entry for worshipers in the mosque but after the establishment of the Il-Khani entrance and the entrance of the mosque had a great importance in the evolution of architecture, especially in the central plateau of Iran. To search for entrance of properties and structure of narthex in this period Varamin mosque - Kashan Ali Ghahrood Mosque - Ashtar Jan mosque, Natanz- Bastam great mosques all of which are in the central plateau of Iran is discussed. The research method used in this study was used in the library and field. Finally, by examining the structures and tables of comparative studies it is concluded that the building's features are relatively common in the region.

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