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specialty journal of humanities and cultural science
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 3
The Position of Women in the Weimar Republic
Barmak Behbudi, Fahime Nagizadeh
Pages: 46-49


Following the arrival of the Weimar Republic  in Germany, women were least entitled to the citizenship rights that were at that time in Europe. Therefore, the advent of this republic significantly changed the role of women. Many women were rebuffed after World War I. Higher education programs for women were opened. Women participated in the polls. Equality between men and women, as well as maternity and maternity protection requirements were included in the constitution. However, women's parliamentary representatives did not have all parties (only the Nazi party) to increase the weekly pension and the livelihood of insured women, not all of them passed. The Weimar Republic was a government that German women had been waiting for years and centuries. German women were among the first women in Europe who were able to vote and participate in the parliament.

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