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specialty journal of sport sciences
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 1
The Relationship between the body Composition and anaerobic power in non-athlete girls
Mahya Dolati, Alireza Amani
Pages: 21-25


The purpose of this investigation is to determine the relationship between the physical combination and anaerobic power. The female student athletes of the Shomal-Amol university had formed the statistic body of the investigation that were 50 persons. First the individual characteristics of the samples registered and the sizes of anthropometric and physical form included: length, weight, BMI, fat percent, the circles of crag, arm, shin, Renee, forearm, the epicondyle of the forearm and the epicondyle of the Renee were measured. Anaerobic power was measured by RAST test. The peiersoun correlation coefficient was used for correlation between variants and kolmogorov – smirnov test was used in order to have natural datum and for certainty of the natural contribution of the testees. Average and sannital standard digression of the testees: 20.84±1.23 year, length: 161.84 ±6.42 cm, weight 59.04 ± 9.36 kg and BMI 22.54 ± 3.30. These present findings of research showed that there isn’t any meaningful relationship between anaerobic power with physical form and athletes, specially, the ones of the explosive filed such as: volleyball must deposit more concentration on anaerobic system of their bodies.

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specialty journal of sport sciences
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