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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 2
The Review on Rights of Nation in IRI Constitution
Ayyoub Talebzadeh
Pages: 52-61


The rights of nation are deemed as one of the pivotal topics in political systems on which it has been emphasized in constitutions of regimes. On the one hand, rights of nation are considered as natural rights originate from higher characteristic of human and legislators are not allowed to waive or restrict them in legislation of laws and the governments are not permitted to bar them. On the other hand, they are a group of statutory rights for which the government has guaranteed enforcement of them for their nationalities as per domestic laws and the content of those rights is different from one country to another. Identifying and determination of rights for the nation is included as the major parts in the constitution. However, this does not require for recognizing rights and freedoms absolutely, some of examples of rights of nation are legally enforceable within certain limit in the constitution all the times. The IRI Constitution has been concerned with the rights of nation in the third chapter and from nineteenth to forty second articles. There are some principles of course that cover rights of nation but they have not been mentioned under chapter of rights of nation e.g. Article 8 (assumed as the public task of enjoining the good and prohibition from the evil on the onus of people versus each other, by the government versus people and people versus government), Article 9 (proposing it as a task for the government or nation) and Article 10 (regarding equality of all members of nation and even equality of leader to the people) and the similar principles.

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