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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 3
The Revival of Dowry Tradition
Esmat Hashemi, Mohsen Esmaeili
Pages: 48-55


The main purpose of this research is to revive a mild dowry –in cash- at the beginning of couple life in an Islamic way, with the support of proper legal laws and premarital counseling. The practice of the custom in imposing heavy dowries (marriage portions) pressures the man during divorce or sometimes it has caused a kind of jealousy and the creation of an unusual false competition in society. However, the solution is easy and depends on the real determination of the true believers. After the marriage contract is signed, based on a true commitment, man is obligated to pay his wife with consent or ask for a due date to pay the dowry at the first opportunity. Compulsory payment of a part of dowry at the beginning of a couple life or compulsory insurance of a part of Mahr in heavy dowries or the portions which are higher than allowed legal limit indicate the seriousness of this legal commitment to couples; these issues provide the access of women to their economic rights under peaceful conditions. It also motivates the couple to reduce the costly and unnecessary formalities of the marriage ceremony. In addition, it is obvious to anyone that this gift offering to women has always been used to motivate the family circle and increase the welfare of all the members, not a reserve for women's times of loneliness and need.

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