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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 3
The Role of International Law in the Country's Cultural Development
Ebrahim Abdoli Amnadi
Pages: 18-22


Culture in Persian literature, consists of a prefix of the word "far" means "pre" and "hang" means "drag." The word "tempering" in Persian literature comes from the same root, which means "discipline, educate, and teach literature." If the international system is considered a set of governments and international organizations, the impact of culture on these governments and organizations has been inevitable. In contrast to the past, international law and international developments have attracted the attention of researchers and the neglect of basic and initial freedoms is in violation of an international norm. Religion is another indicator of culture on international law, which in the past centuries, before the Treaty of Westphalia and after it, had an impact on international relations and played an important role in international alliances and international coalitions. If trade is considered the second pillar of the foreign policy of governments, then "culture" will certainly be its third pole. Culture provides a suitable field for business and, on the other hand, facilitates business relations. The culture and level of knowledge of a nation, especially the language element, can help to expand the culture of the nation. For example, when English is globalized, American English culture becomes widespread. In this regard, Fouad Ajami believes that the spread of English and the Internet has led to the domination of American culture.

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