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specialty journal of knowledge management
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 3
The Role of Talent Management in HR Development Processes and Optimized Implementation of Talent Management Strategy
Milad Haerizadeh, Omid Moradpour
Pages: 17-24


Human resource is the most important advantage for any organization. Therefore, managers should be aware of how to deal with this strategic factor and learn how to effectively use this competitive advantage as well. Future organizations will face increasingly competitive challenges. Managing such challenges may require more efficient and competent managers compared to the present era. Accordingly, talent management may become increasingly more important element in organizations. Talent Management refers to a process in which the organization's human talents are identified for key positions in the future and subsequently prepared through a variety of educational and training programs. According to the definition of talent management and considering the lifecycle of employees as a model for integrating the most important HR development processes, one can find that issues associated with talent management can be deployed in all HR development processes. Therefore, the present study attempts to review the literature on the mutual role of the talent management and HR development processes as well as the planning and optimized implementation of talent management strategy.

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