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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 1
The Role of the Brotherhood (Ikhvan - Almuslimin) Thinking’s On the Formation of Turkey's Justice and Development Party (2002 To 2016)
Sahar Saniei, Alireza Golshan, Reza Shirzadi
Pages: 8-16


Religion and politics have unique conditions in Turkey. Since the foundation of Osmani reign, the most important challenge in Turkey has been the relationship between Islamic -rullig and materanal- monarchy. By Osmani's collapse in 1923, ruling of Ataturk and creation of novel- republic in Turkey, this relationship had become more complicated. On the other hand, Turkey as an Islamic country has been influenced by Islamistic groups such as Ekhvan–Almuslimin. Ikhvan Almuslemin contemporary to the republic of Turkey has conducted various activities in the Islamic countries. It also started practices to dominate on Turkey by gaining power in countries like Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Qatar. This domination has been intensified when the justice- development Islamists got into power in 2002. The Turkey's Islamist leaders who have found a flatter route for Islamists by winning different elections in Turkey are trying to empower Ikhvan- Almuslimin party and its dependent groups in other Islamic countries.

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