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specialty journal of medical research and health science
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 1
The Role of Virtual Social Networks in Conflicts and Marital Obligations of Male and Female Teachers in Zahedan
Hamid Reza Sheikhi, Mostafa Motamedi Heravi, Hadis Mastalizadeh, Sadigheh Kouhi, Batool Kouhi
Pages: 20-26


Introduction: Marital life is one of the most universal human institutions that consists of two people with different abilities and talents, with different needs and interests and in a word with different personalities. An intimate marital relationship requires couples to learn to communicate with each other, while they are different, if not, it will cause the collapse of the family and conflicts between each other. The purpose of this study was to determine the role of social network damage in conflict and marital obligations of female and male teachers in Zahedan. Methodology: This descriptive study was of correlational type. The statistical population of this study included 649 teachers of Zahedan District 1. Among them, 242 (153 women and 89 men) were selected by stratified random sampling using Morgan table were chosen. To collect data, three questionnaires, social effects of social networking, Adams and Jones marital conflict questionnaire and marital commitment questionnaire were used. Data were analyzed using SPSS version 20 and descriptive and inferential methods. The descriptive level of frequency, percent and inferential level of Pearson correlation coefficient and regression analysis were used. Results: Inferential results of the data showed that the components of marital conflict with the components of social networks have a significant relationship, as the social dimension has a positive and significant relationship with the reduction of the collaboration, the reduction of sexual relations. There is a positive and significant relationship between the individual and the relatives. There is a significant relationship between cultural-ethical dimension and individual dimension in the reduction of family relationship with relatives of spouse and friends. There is a significant relationship between the cultural, ethical, individual and social dimensions by effective communication. There is a significant relationship between marital commitment and social networking components as there is an inverse relationship between the individual dimension and marital commitment.

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