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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 2
The Survey of the relationship between Talent Management and Job Motivation with Conflict Management in Zabol Medical Sciences University
Abdullah Hashemzaee, Mohammad Ghasemi
Pages: 26-34


Investigating the growing problems pertaining to the lack of talents in many of the European countries, has been concluded that there is an urgent need for individuals featuring a vast spectrum of skills and competencies required for coping with companies’ unpredicted requirements in 21st century. The companies all around the world engage in competing with the others to acquire the talents they want. The present study aims at the survey of the relationship between talent management and job motivation with the conflict management in the city of Zabol’s Medical Sciences University. The study is an applied research in terms of the objectives it is in pursue of and it is a descriptive research in terms of the way the information and the required data have been gathered. The study population includes all of the staff from Zabol’s medical sciences university و the total number of whom reached to 460 individuals out of whom 209 people have been selected as the study sample volume based on Cochran formula. The data collection tool has been the conflict management, talent management and job motivation questionnaires, the validity of which was confirmed by the professors and experts of the field and the questionnaires’ reliability was also verified by means of Cronbach’s alpha method. To analyze the data obtained from the samples, both the descriptive statistical methods and inferential statistical methods, including Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Pearson and regression tests, were used. The results obtained from the hypotheses tests indicated that there is a positive and significant relationship between conflict management and job motivation and also it was found out that conflict management is associated with progress motivation. The job motivation and conflict management are in a favorable status in Zabol’s medical sciences university.

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