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specialty journal of humanities and cultural science
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 3
Thematic Study of Religious Iconography of Prophet's Ascension in the Qajar Period Lithography
Fatemeh Dashtestani, Hanieh Sheikhi Narani, Asya Hekmat, Asal Zand Davoudi
Pages: 14-23


This article tries to study the subject of religious iconography of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in print. The Qajar period and the visual and manifestation of this printed book of prints. However, this research faces two questions: in the design of the icons of the Prophet (PBUH), what are the special and unique features? Can the nature and design of the designs used in the simulation of the same hierarchy be the same in this regard, this research tries to examine a number of religious iconography of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) during the period of Qajarra during the period of the Qajarra period, with the historical theme and descriptive analytical method and using the collection of documents and documents. The results obtained from the semiotics of the printed edition in this area indicate that the signs of the archaeological imprint of the printed edition of the Qajar period are continuing the style and style of coffee house paintings that have been repeated in another manner. The features include: the type of payment of faces, the presence of holy shrines, tidbits, and the manner of placing personality in place of painting, paying attention to the principles of naturalism and later on in the design of works that today have become a well-known face of religious iconography.

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