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specialty journal of knowledge management
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 2
Time Management in The Workplace
Pages: 1-5


The infrastructure of our society considers work as a factor likely to make changes in the world. In the early stages of human civilization, the work was organized in simple tasks involving physiological needs. Time is a basic, limited and dynamic resource. Employees in their activities need to manage time, as they have to keep up with the time, to renew policies and strategies and to implement them in their organizations. The process of time management in an employee is a very complex task and is often essential for its development and organization. Time management is the discipline from the business-oriented and rational use of time as a valuable resource by developing methods and techniques for an efficient use of time. They all ''compete'' with each other to get a piece of our time. Our problem is not to find what we do but what to do first and when to do it. JEL classification codes: M12, M14

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