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specialty journal of knowledge management
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 4
Understanding and Awareness on Electronic Information Resources (EIR) Among Students from The School of Social Sciences, Periyar University - A Survey
Chandran Velmurugan
Pages: 1-9


University libraries have provided different kinds of information resources and documents for user society such as faculty members, students and research scholars but the mentioned resources have not been focussed and have not been able to encourage the user society effectively and efficiently to make use of them. This paper has made an attempt to know about the information use pattern of online information resources among students who are doing post graduate in the department of School of Social Sciences at Periyar University. Due to the rapid growth of E-Resources like ICT, social media and effective networks, the habits of accessing information have drastically changed. Nowadays, Internet does our daily activities. Therefore, this present study has tried to understand and know about the awareness on online information resources and services which have been provided by the Library to user society. The results found that the large number of users have utilized existing E- Resources at the University’s digital library, effectively. The large number of 41.54% of the respondents visited the library daily, and a great portion of 45.38% of the respondents reported E- Resources as very essential to investigate research and academic purposes. It was identified that the user community has also been satisfied with the overall performance of the E- Resources.

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