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specialty journal of humanities and cultural science
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 1
Women Participation in Integrated Dairy Farming and Household Food Security in Sirajganj District
M.S. Kabir, M.P.Moon, Rashedul Hasan
Pages: 58-65


The findings of the present study showed that women contributed to dairy farming activities through their active participation. In this study, women are strongly participate in chopping of straw, watering the livestock, care of newborn calves, cleaning of animal sheds, cow dung collection, care of sick animals, cleaning and bathing cows and processing and preparation of milk products. Women are moderately participate in choosing of animals for dairying, feeding of green grass to the dairy cattle, feeding of urea treated straw, milking the animals, vaccine of dairy cattle, quantity of milk to be used for home consumption. Women are weekly participate in Sale and purchase of animals, Storage of green grass and straw, Carrying animals to AI or service center, Surplus milk to be sold, Purchasing of feeds and concentrates and Purchasing of equipment. The correlation coefficient between women participation in dairy farming and the household food security status is positively correlated.

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