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specialty journal of humanities and cultural science
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 3
A Study of the Use of Plays in Improving Multiple Intelligences with A Focus On Verbal and Physical Intelligence
Ghias Iranmadar, Shirin Bozorgmehr, Mostaf Sepahvand
Pages: 18-30


Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the issue of intelligence has been at the center stage of the attention of the psychologists. Different theories have been put forward in this regard. This study discusses the theory of multiple intelligences presented by Howard Gardner. Then it compares the important existing definitions of intelligence in psychology. Moreover, drawing on these theories, certain recommendations for creating structural changes in education are made. The significance of children’s creative plays (theatrical role playing) is highlighted in improving learning and creativity during the process of education. In doing this research, a girls’ school in Tehran whose students were fit in terms of age and education for the objectives of the study was chosen as the research population. A test was carried out as a form of field research. The results of this study are presented both in written (thesis) and video formats.

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