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specialty journal of biological sciences
Volume 4, 2018, Issue 1
Anthropogenic and Natural Effects On Qualitative Changes in Groundwater Around Mamlou Dam
Susan Hayeri Yazdi, Amirhessam Hassani, Hamid Belgheiszadeh
Pages: 23-28


Water has many different physical characteristics as color, turbidity, TDS, etc. on the other hand, chemical characteristics of water as alkalinity, acidity and hardness can effect on its quality. Physicochemical characteristic observation of groundwater resources as actual sources, based on chemical analysis of dry and wet period of 2016 and transferred to GIS software and analysis in quality observation is conventional in such researches. In this research physicochemical parameters for 16 wells from 16 villages have been experienced. The parameters were: TDS, Cl, SO4, Nitrate and Ca. Finally, GIS map have been compared with geological and agricultural maps to find the result of high concentration of some parameters. It has been received from results that some problems as turbidity is natural but some other as Nitrate has anthropogenic source. For either kinds of problems, solutions as cap on wells or cementation are suggested.

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specialty journal of biological sciences
Issue 1, Volume 6, 2020