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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 6, 2020, Issue 1
Architecture and Music Article
Hesam Azarbayajani
Pages: 1-5


Investigating the mental state of the artist and understanding the psychological needs of the artist, which plays an important role in the creation of artworks, is a logical reason that we will only mention in this brief. In analyzing the various stages of artistic creation and the artistic formation of the artist's mental structure that is directly related to the type of his culture is of great importance. Every artist's mind is a time of social structure of psychology and ideology and other definite cultural elements that represent his whole worldview. In this sense, the true artist, in accordance with different minds and worldviews, adopts different styles of creation, and even many artists who share similar ideological and philosophical perspectives and engage in artistic and philosophical debates in art's creative ways. Share. The point is that both artists cannot be found and felt in the world as one and the same, which is why the element of authenticity is expressed in artistic creation. (PhD Hesam Azarbayajani)

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Azarbayajani H. Architecture and Music Article . SPEC J ARCHIT CONSTR 2020;6(1):1-5

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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Issue 2, Volume 6, 2020