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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 3
Domination Cultural the West and The Impact It On Culture Iran Islamic
Habibalah. Safi Poor, Lena Abdolkhani
Pages: 96-106


Effect Of We From Manifestations Culture the West a door Arena Culture General Very More Are And We a door Behavior Routine And Morality General Very Saddened From the West And Generally The desirable Own And From What To Intermediate Media From Appearance the West Seen The Is Getting A. Check Reason The The influence More We From the West At least To Ratio Countries Around Ourselves That Beds Civilizational Close Or Even A similar With We have With Attention To The The the countries Generally Under Domination Straight Colonizers West Both Have been However, Country We No Time To the face Straight Under Domination Westerners a door There Issue Interview Us. The tip And Both a door Opinion The That To Opinion Is The the countries a door Now Present Generally a door Collision With the West Ratio To We More open Action They. With Attention To The Introduction If Salah You know No comments To Records Collision Culture Iranian With Others Cultures a door Items Different Now What To Intermediate Attack Alexander Macedon To Iran And Create Collision Between Culture Iranian And Greek And Macedon And What Conflicts Soft Others Cultural Between Iran And Others Civilizations History Is until the Must View That History Collisions And Interactions Culture Iranian With Others Cultures How Been And Culture Raised From civilization Iranian What Results And From The Interactions Result And Are And Then To Evaluation Collision And Interaction Today Culture Iranian With Culture West Pay until the See What Factors a door Past Cause Have Culture Iranian A. Despite All Approaches That With Others Cultures Have But Originality And Elements Main Own And Protection And Is Fbsh paper library research and operation have been collected.

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specialty journal of politics and law
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