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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 1
Environmental Effects on Citizen Behaviours (Perception Dimention) – Ahmadabad Axis between Palestine square and Kolahdooz Ave (Homa Hotel)
Mohammadreza bemanian1, hesam maroufi 2, Mehrdad Shahbazi 3,
Pages: 53-70


In the present study is that it tried to behave in the environment to be monitored and the respective roles of environment (assumed as a vessel) and human beings (assumed as occupants of this vessel) inevitably create effects which can be expressed as various behaviors on the part of human being. The mutual relationship between man and his environment is exhibited through perceptions, behaviors, subjective images, activities, etc. This study investigates the conceptual dimension in the form of the four components of readability, sense of place, identity, and Tenability (tenability) at the Ahmadabad Axis in Mashhad. The theoretical fundamentals and the data regarding the status quo were presented through the descriptive method and the proposed policies were derived through analyzing the available status quo information. The required data were gathered from library resources and documents related to the studied area as well as from instruments used in field methods such as questionnaires. Upon conducting the necessary investigation, the conceptual dimension within the design area was analyzed. The SWOT table was presented, and the results obtained for improving environmental perception were arranged in the form of policy-making tables and operational projects tables for improving the sense of place, creating imagery, and other investigated components.

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specialty journal of architecture and construction
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