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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 1
Evaluating the Effect of Column-Beam Joint Fixity in Eccentric Braced Frame (EBF)
Masoud Norouzshenas1, Farzaneh Hamedi 2
Pages: 77-82


Nowadays, the divergent braced system has become more common due to architectural problems, and using this type of system is growing. In this paper, it is tried to evaluate and compare one of the provisions of the tenth topic Regulations to be used for binding. Therefore, the effect of beam joint fixity rate was investigated in the amount of displacement, as well as design economy to reach a certain acceptable connector type. For this reason, a comparative method is used, and it has been tried to achieve a reasonable answer by modeling and analysis of buildings with similar design and type, but the fixity ratio of zero and one and comparing the results. PERFORM-3D software is used to perform modeling and analysis, and all of the above are done in accordance with 2800 Code and tenth topic Regulations.

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