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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 2
Evaluating Urban Sustainable Development in Arid Region Cities with emphasis Socio- Economic Factors: Ardakan City
Saeedeh Moayedfar
Pages: 35-58


All the countries and governments, and so humans are achieving the development; also, the development has a complex, tow dimensions, changeable, searching, and processing concept. In the direction this development, cities are increasingly exposed unpleasant crisis especially in the developing countries. Now the socio- economic changes are accomplished faster than physical changes. The last strategy for growth and develop problems in the world, zonal and local level is Sustainable Development Strategy. Due to the importance of Sustainable Development in the world and arid regions, this research evaluates and study Sustainable Development in social and economic dimensions in Ardakan city. In this dimensions with due attention to the literature of Sustainable Development and key themes suggested by CSD, these indicators are selected and first of all are compared with city’s areas of the country by Sign Test. In the second stage, the rank of developing of 17’s areas of Ardakan are taken by Standardized Score Index. Research’s conclusions explain that although meaningful differences between Ardakan and city’s areas of the country aren’t seen, but unsustainability in Ardakan areas are seen clearly.

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