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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 4, 2018, Issue 3
Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Adding Bentonite Nano-clay on the Heat Diffusivity Capacity of Kaolinite Clay (α)
Alireza Zandieh, Ali Roohi Teroojeni
Pages: 11-19


Soil thermal diffusivity capacity (α) is one of the most important soil thermal properties, which is very important in engineering and technology science and sustainable development in the energy sector. The amount of water in the soil is considered as one of the factors affecting the variations (α) in the soil. As adding bentonite nano-clay to clay causes a significant increase in the absorption of surface water and the plasticity properties and the potential of clay swelling, the present study investigates variations (α) under different conditions of moisture in optimum state and by adding different percentages of bentonite nano-clay to clay. For this purpose, after preparing clay soil with low dough range and its mixtures with different percentages of bentonite nano-clay (5%-10% -20%) at four different times (days 1 to 7, 14 and 28), the test samples were placed in contact with the heat source with the capability to set the temperature for 24 hours. The heat source has been inserted under the sample and thermal imaging camera has been inserted on the other side of the samples and above the samples, which generates thermal image given the surface temperature of the samples. The results indicate the desired effects of adding this nano-clay on the thermal diffusivity capacity of soil (α), which prevents thermal heat flux in the soil.

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