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specialty journal of accounting and economics
Volume 1, 2015, Issue 1
Identify Factors Affecting the Imports of Consumption Goods, with an Emphasis on Income Inequality (1969-2010)
Abolfazl Shahabadi, Mohammad Kazem Naziri, Morteza Nemati*
Pages: 11-19


ABSTRACT: In the current structure of world economy, import plays an important role in the economic development strategy. This is one of the effective factors on economic growth on the one hand and it is an important item of the country's balance of payments on the other hand. Thus a change that occurs in the import of country would affect on the country's development process. So Suitable policies are important for imports, But choosing the correct strategy for import depends on consider of factors affecting it. So, one of the major issues in the field of import of goods is identify of factors affecting on imports. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is identify factors affecting the imports of consumption goods during the period 1969-2010 in Iran. This study assessed the effects of factors such as gross domestic product, relative price, income inequality and total factor productivity on Iranian imports of consumption goods. Based on the findings, there was a positive relationship between the gross domestic product and income inequality with imports of consumption goods. In addition, relationship between the relative price and total factors productivity with imports of consumption goods are negative and significant.

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