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specialty journal of humanities and cultural science
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 2
Investigating the Depiction of “One Thousand and One Nights” Stories in Iran after the Islamic Revolution
Mansoreh Sabetipour
Pages: 35-42


The present study has dealt with the depiction of an eclectic selection of “one thousand and one nights” stories after the Islamic revolution and factors influencing it. The study was an applied research in terms of its objective and it has been carried out based on a descriptive-analytical method. The required information has been collected based on library-field research. At first, the history of depiction and illustration was explored; then, the quality of its occurrence was examined in regard of the idea as to how a story can be better presented through pictures and images and how it helps children better understand. Next, the quality of the relationship between image and text was investigated so as to find out what are the characteristics of the children’s pictorial books. In the second part, the role of myth in illustration as well as in the ancient stories, especially in the primary subject of the current research paper, i.e. one thousand and a night stories, have been pointed out to see how much the illustrator has paid attention thereto and how effective myths can be used in offering a good image and, eventually, a good story. In the end, the properties of “one thousand and one nights” stories have been mentioned.

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