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specialty journal of geographical and environmental science
Volume 3, 2019, Issue 4
Investigating the Development of Agriculture and the Affiliated Industries ‎Influencing the Sustainable Development in Saravan City
Khodabakhsh Hosseinbor
Pages: 20-28


The geographical position of the Saravan city and its closeness to Pakistan border have ‎given it a special stance rendering it necessary to make plans in line with the ‎development and acceleration of the elimination of the inequalities. Determination of ‎the method of access to a pattern of development, social justice through the optimum ‎distribution of the resources and facilities, improvement of the people’s sustenance and ‎identification of the development poles and axes are amongst the goals that should be ‎pursued. The present study aimed at the investigation of the development of agriculture ‎and its affiliated industries that influence sustainable development in Saravan. The ‎present study’s method was descriptive and analytical with an applied objective. In the ‎data-gathering phase, 35 elites of the region were selected using Cochran’s Formula ‎among the 39 office heads and individuals with MS and higher academic degrees, who ‎worked in the offices of Saravan were selected based on a simple random sampling and ‎then interviewed. In the present study, it is attempted to survey land-use preparation in ‎Saravan city using GIS and Analytical Model (SWOT) and identify the development ‎capabilities of the city. The results indicated that the increase in the lands under the ‎cultivation of date and development of its affiliated industries can be promising in the ‎resolution of the unemployment problem‎.

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specialty journal of geographical and environmental science
Issue 4, Volume 3, 2019