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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 5, 2019, Issue 2
Investigating the Effect of Openings in Steel Plate Shear Walls Reinforced Based on Method V
Saeid Jafarpour, Nader Abdoli
Pages: 1-8


Background and Objective: steel shear walls are used as an effective lateral load-bearing and cost-effective resistant system in newly built high-rise buildings for counteracting the forces resulting from wind and earthquake in regions prone to frequent earthquakes. These walls are also utilized for reinforcing the existing buildings for increasing the resistance and hardness. The main duty of the steel plate shear wall is providing resistance against horizontal shear of the floor and overturning moment resulting from the lateral loads. Study Method: the present study seminally analyses the effect of openings in steel plate shear walls reinforced based on method V following which the openings’ edges are strengthened and analyzed. To perform modeling, Abacus software was used. Moreover, the single-floor model proposed by Dr. Sabouri Ghomi (2008) was employed. Findings: to model the laboratory specimen in Abacus software in 3D, deformable shell-extrusion elements were utilized. According to the obtained results, creation of opening degrades the performance of the steel plate shear wall. The openings’ edges in the steel plate shear walls have been reinforced in the present study using the method proposed in [V] to make up for the performance degradation. Conclusion: according to the results, reinforcement work based on the method proposed in [V] played a good role in retrieving the opening-induced performance diminishment of the steel plate shear walls.

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