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international journal of business management
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 1
Investigating The Influential Factors of Customers’ Preferences in Choosing a Private Bank Among State and Private Banks: A Case Study of Tehran, Iran
Maryam Pourdasht, Ehsan Alipour
Pages: 17-26


The main objective of the present study was to identify and prioritize the factors which were influential on bank customers’ preferences in choosing Ayandeh Bank among the state and private banks in Tehran. To this end, an analysis of books, papers and researches in the literature revealed 37 factors as the primary factors that were influential. Population was all the customers of Ayandeh Bank in Tehran. The sample chosen from this population comprised of 267 customers via Cochran technique; random stratified sampling was used for the sampling purpose. A questionnaire was used as an instrument for the collection of the influential factors of choosing Ayandeh Bank. Results obtained from the factor analysis showed that all the 37 factors were considered to be affecting the issue under study and they were categorized into 6 categories. Results of Friedman test indicated that the item ‘few number of bank’ accusations had the highest frequency of being preferred among the other items of the first category. The most frequently preferred item in the second category was ‘keeping customers’ security. It was the ‘low interest rate of loans’ in the third category and ‘having bank website’ was the highest chosen item in the fourth category. Item ‘appropriate location’ was mostly chosen in the fifth category, and finally in the sixth category, ‘good proportion of the number of bank locators and number of customers’ had the highest preference of customers in choosing Ayandeh Bank among all the state and private banks by the customers.

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