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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 1
Iranian Vernacular Architectural Values in Relation to Sustainable Development
Anvarmohammadi1, KazemAbam2
Pages: 18-29


Sustainable architecturewas introduced several decades agoand many solutions have been presented for it and the contemporary crisis. However, there are still problems in the way of sustainable development.The formation of civilization is very gradual issue and it should have its particular process. In addition, civilizations need to have a strong intellectual base and principles. Thus, we should have a different look to the cultural heritage in each countryas examples of art and civilization. Vernacular architecture is an interconnectedseries,which has achieved appropriate solutions in dealing with environmental, cultural, economic, and qualityproblemsin different periods and through trial and error. Therefore, we accept that the entire architecture is a sequence. This sequence is able to provide an opportunity for a type of architecture with the new conditions. Thus, we will realize that vernacular architecturewill achieve new solutionsfor coping with other issues. It not only improves the quality of life and protects the resources, but also will be a reflection of a certain pattern of life.Sustainability means creating a repeatable processand it is a concept that is usedmostly as a value. With this approach,understanding the repeatable principles and values ofvernacular architectureis very valuable and desired.In this paper, the research method is based on library studies, literature review, and analysis with descriptive approach.Initially, vernacular architecture and its fields were defined and then, their impact on sustainable development was discussed. Results indicate that the vernacular architecturehas characteristics that are consistent with sustainable development goals, which lead to understanding the role of vernacular architecture in creating the approach of sustainability in architecture.

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