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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 1
Modern Methods in Industrial Production of Construction and their Necessity after the Incident
Kazem Abam1, Anvar Mohammadi2
Pages: 11-17


Solving problems such as long time needed for construction, short useful life or high cost of constructing buildings in the housing section requires presentation of strategies in order to practically use the modern construction systems and new building materials in order to reduce weight and time of construction, increase durability and ultimately reducing the time of construction. These attempts, in the long run, will lead to the optimization of construction, increasing production of houses and reaching a desirable executive condition and accelerating the process of construction. This matter will help the government to fulfill its purposes in the housing section. The present research has been conducted for reviewing the necessity of temporary accommodation of the victims in the respect of providing a shelter for the homeless and the quality of temporary accommodation of the victims after the occurrence of crisis. In this respect, the governmental authorities and executers in the countries often face several man-making and non-man-making incidents. Losing one's house due to the occurrence of war, earth-quake and other disasters has always been a social, cultural, economic, political problem and an issue of safety throughout the history and they have shown themselves in different ways. The main weight of these problems has always been on the shoulders of common people, in such way that a majority of people will have to leave their ruined homes due to fear, lack of safety, and lack of a good program for providing proper residencies after the occurrence of the crisis or they settle beside their ruined houses if they feel safe. In addition to providing construction systems and modern methods of construction and also new materials which provide the necessary conditions for reducing the weight of the buildings and also making them strong against all kinds of forces, this article also provides some recommendations for fulfilling the mentioned purposes as well as developing and improving the technology of building houses in the country.

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specialty journal of architecture and construction
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