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specialty journal of biological sciences
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 1
Organizing urban furniture and its effect on the urban landscape (Case study: Semnan)
Seyed Saeed Dadghostar, Mohammad Reza Zandmoghadam
Pages: 1-5


Urban furniture is the most common term applied in the field of urban equipment in Persian. This equipment in countries like the UK and US is known as street, public, or open space furniture, which is known as the constituent elements of urban space. Organizing urban elements and furniture in the urban space is done with expert like studies along preserving the historical identity of each civilization that is the result of legacy and civilization of our ancestors in this city. This way one can create a delightful, charming, and identity-based atmosphere while creation of ease of mind for citizens based on native and cultural values of citizens and residents. Considering the problems of urban life and psychological perturbations of the people living in large cities due to environmental problems and various visual disturbances, urban planners today have been prompted to take action in order to create space to meet all the needs of city residents by considering environmental and cultural conditions prevailing in each region. One part of this organization is in the field of urban furniture, including the proper identification and replacement after studying, hypothesizing, and placement of production and installation that are the final stages of this process. Semnan is a great city with ancient historical, cultural, and Islamic backgrounds with its own special features. Given the extent and population of this city, the design of physical space of the city regarding streets, sidewalks, parks, and public spaces is of great importance and sensitivity. Moreover, according to studies on urban space, there is a dire need of revising the type and arrangement of urban furniture and organizing it according to climatic, cultural, social conditions, and urban identity, which should be concerned by urban managers and planners.

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