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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 1
Park as a Driver in Mitigation of Vulnerability during and after Earthquake Case of Tehran's Beryanak Neighborhood
Mehdi Nilipour1*, Mahshad Bakhtiari2 and Mina Siavash Dastjerdi3
Pages: 35-42


Nowadays, vulnerability of cities to earthquake, especially in deteriorated urban areas, has become a global issue for the experts of different fields. Tehran's Beryanak neighborhood as an old and worn-out texture, with perfect green spaces, is exposed to the risks of earthquake. Given the role that parks and green spaces play, by providing immediate shelter and escape for the residents and as there are numerous parks in Beryanak neighborhood, this area was chosen and its green spaces were analyzed. But every park should have some features to be more functional and usable during an earthquake and its aftermaths. In this study, a good park's physical and functional criteria for its performance against an earthquake and after it are introduced, and then using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) the neighborhood's parks are evaluated and prioritized in terms of these criteria. The obtained results suggest that the physical criterion, compared to functional criterion, has more weight in terms of its function during and after earthquake. Similarly, the neighborhood's Hezarshahid Park, due to the low number of its floors and as its surrounding buildings are new, as well as because of its large size and fairly regular geometric form is quite functional during and after earthquake.

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