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specialty journal of biological sciences
Volume 5, 2019, Issue 1
Polyphenolics content and Antioxidant activity of Carthamus tinctorius L, Arachis hypogaea L, and Ponngamia pinata L methanol extracts
Sharad G. Funde
Pages: 8-11


In traditional medicine system large number of plant are used in formulation. Amongst that Carthamus tinctorius, Ponngamia pinata (L.) & Arachis hypogaea L plants parts and oil used for formulations. Therefore present work had carried out on estimation of antioxidants capacity and total polyphenolic contents of these plants. In Carthamus tinctorius & Ponngamia pinata L are having the maximum amount of polyphenolics compounds 6.473 and 5.822 mg of gallic acid / gm of sample and ferric reducing antioxidant potential 23.49 and 19.10 Fe (II) FeSO4mM/gm. When a total antioxidant activity was measured with phosphomolybdate assay based on reduction of Mo (III) to Mo (IV) reduction. Maximum antioxidant capacity is found in Carthamus tinctorius & Ponngamia piñata L 42.42, and 29.77 was found mM of ascorbic acid/ gm.

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specialty journal of biological sciences
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