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specialty journal of electronic and computer sciences
Volume 5, 2019, Issue 3
Presenting a Method for Predicting Content Error in Cloud Computing Using the Nearest ‎Neighbor Method
Reza Imani
Pages: 86-93


Cloud computing is a new technology for managing and providing services over the Internet. Cloud ‎computing is a large group of connected computers. These computers can be personal computers or ‎network servers. They can also be public or private. The prediction of content error is one of the ‎fundamental challenges in cloud computing. In this research, it was tried to increase the accuracy of ‎prediction error of content in cloud computing using the nearest neighbor algorithm. The simulation ‎results in MATLAB software showed that the method for the data set had a very high performance. The ‎results were compared with the performance of three perceptron neural networks based on radial ‎performance and nearest neighbor. Finally, the best combination among these systems resulted in the ‎nearest neighbor error detection with nearly 74% accuracy‎‎‎.

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