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specialty journal of biological sciences
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 3
Quantification of protein content and determined its antioxidant activity in Azadirachta indica
Amit Gupta, Jayaprakash, Bharat Shinde
Pages: 1-12


In this study, we measured the effect of these antioxidants i.e. vitamins (C and E) and total antioxidants in lysed human whole blood using aqueous leaves extract of Azadirachta indica (10 mg/ml; stock solution). All these antioxidants in this medicinal plant were measured using NanoDrop method and also isolated the protein content using Tris HCl and ice cold acetone and determined through SDS PAGE. For these studies, capsules of antioxidants {Vitamin C (Celin); vitamin E (Evion); and total antioxidants, A to Z multivitamin) were used as standard. The results showed that Azadirachta indica along with serially diluted vitamin E markedly increased in total cellular content in the form of Vitamin E production as compared to antioxidant (Vitamin E capsule, Evion) control dissolved in phosphate buffered saline (PBS, pH 7.2). In addition, there is slightly enhancement in vitamin C production at higher doses as compared to antioxidant (vitamin C capsule, Celin) control whereas total antioxidant capsule (A to Z, multivitamin) showed no effect at all. Capsules of antioxidants (i.e. vitamins C, E and total antioxidants) used separately dissolved in PBS as standard and showed enhancement at higher doses in case of vitamin C and E but in case of antioxidant capsule at lower doses in lysed human whole blood. In addition, two bands of protein (45 and 60 kDa) are observed in aqueous leaves extract of Azadirachta indica. Over all, the studies claimed that aqueous leaves extract of Azadirachta indica showed more enhancement of vitamin E production and it provides a scientific data of particular importance for the local people using these plant products especially related to vitamin E production for a variety of body immunological disorders.

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