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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 3
Review Of A Final Decision As Part Of The Correct Legal Process
Valentina Memini
Pages: 87-95


One of the essential elements of a correct legal process, as one of the main human rights, among the others, is to appeal to court to object a sentence given by a lower court. The request for reviewing a final decision is part of the rights which represents a special way of complaining, an extraordinary instrument, as by this instrument can be opened as a final claim at the court. Parties can request to review only facts, conditions or events for which there was no information before that they had existed or that they had happened, or which were proved during the legal process and which have affected in giving the sentence which has been contested to be reviewed. Often an individual’s right is violated because of proper legal process in disaccordance with the procedural legal provisions as well as their interpretation by the Supreme Court, since the demands/or procedural requests are not fulfilled as foreseen by the law. In this case, the person files a request for the final decision to be reviewed.

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