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specialty journal of accounting and economics
Volume 6, 2020, Issue 1
Satyagraha's Economy and its Relevance for National Development ‎
Onwe Jeremiah Ngwu
Pages: 14-22


Man by nature is social, political and Economic animal. This assertion places man above all other creatures. However, man's life is largely depended on economic wellbeing. This has made man object of means to an end by some upper class individuals. Satyagraha, as Gandhi's concept, and creed advocates for economic equality, and moderate socialism, (such state of economy where no individuals hijack national treasures for the detriment of poor masses). There has been a revival of interest among freedom fighters, especially those advocating for political and economic dependence. And philosophers of non-violence, and many political activists especially in the area of Gandhian methods in addressing political injustices, social, economic challenges and spiritual sanity, questioning the gross attitudes of some leaders; who siphon public fund, violet people's rights to live meaningful lives, thereby sapping them through capitalism. Undoubtedly, Satyagraha's economy as we will discourse in this work, bespeaks Gandhi's personal experimentations and recommendations for national development. This is because no human society will thrive where there is economic crisis; characterized by two opposite classes, namely the bourgeois and the proletariat, and not until justice prevails, there will always be violence in the society. While analyzing his notion of economic equality, we avoid dwelling much on Satyagraha, as it is rooted in metaphysical ethos. Hence we discourse some basic principles therein, namely, Satyagrahi's economy and national development, and selflessness as canons for eliminating corruption in the human society. This work, therefore, argues that Satyagraha's Economy which interestingly advocates for non-violent approach to share of national resources. And anything order than equal distribution of resources amount injustice. But can the transition from an unjust economic or social, political or religious condition to a more transparent one occur peacefully without violence? How might it be helpful in instances of national development, or socio-economic conflict?.

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Ngwu O J. Satyagraha's Economy and its Relevance for National Development ‎. SPEC J ACCOUNT ECON 2020;6(1):14-22

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specialty journal of accounting and economics
Issue 1, Volume 6, 2020