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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 1, 2015, Issue 1
Sociology of life and building in company town.
Saied Haghighi
Pages: 32-40


ABSTRACT: When oil was discovered in the south of Iran, there appeared a great need to establish a city to handle the requirements of oil system. Industry and urbanization were brought to south-west Iran when large quantities of oil were struck there in the early years of this century.Abadan, with a two thousand -year history yet neglected was chosen to be the base of oil procedures in Iran Setting a dwelling space with the British architecture created a paradise in desert. The uniform houses with little backyards and red inclined roofs, and streets with the unique method of naming in which everything could be identified with a number were the first experience of a class society in which the people used to adopt a new life style similar to that of British and behave differently to show their dependence on imposed culture. The structure and architecture of the neighbourhoods were based on the job status. The urban design could allow a nuclear family to form in order to support an elite society. Reduction of privacy was attained through planting tendrils as the wall between the houses. The entertaining structures were prepared in the highest degree to please the people living in the extreme hot. All social and life requirements were provided in the neighbourhood to decrease the interaction with local people. Most interestingly, the first co-ed schools were opened in this setting to propagate the English culture .The formation of this society with its own architecture influenced the life and culture of local people, too. In some non-oil dependent sections ,people tried to experience the English culture to have prerequisite of later belonging. This paper analyses the formation of new architecture and its relationship with the culture in Abadan and its social consequences in different aspects of urban life.

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specialty journal of architecture and construction
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