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specialty journal of humanities and cultural science
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 3
Study and Comparison of Satire Style of Dehkhoda and J.Mohammadgholizadeh
Ebrahim Ghasemi, Prof G. Bakhshelieva
Pages: 68-75


"Jalil Mohammadgholizadeh" and " Mirza Aliakbar Dehkhoda" are two important writers of constitutional age, in addition to their pen influence and leaving impression on awakening thoughts of people, each one of them has pioneered at least a literal movement:"Jalil Mohammadgholizadeh" is pioneer in critical-realistic literature and " Mirza Aliakbar Dehkhoda" is founder of modern prose and pioneer of modern satire in Persian literature. Study and comparison of works of "Jalil Mohammadgholizadeh" and" Mirza Aliakbar Dehkhoda" shows that there are some similarities between the satire styles of these two. These similarities include the sameness of common concepts and contents and the way of entering the main matter, using conversational and simple tone(oral literature), approaches of prayers, plenty of allegories and other items. The present article has studied the similarities between the way of satire of "Jalil Mohammadgholizadeh" and "Mirza Aliakbar Dehkhoda" using comparative and analyticapproach and tries to explain the issue of attention of Dehkhoda to the way of writing of Azerbaijani satirist and taking patterns from his style by presenting examples of this sameness.

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