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specialty journal of humanities and cultural science
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 4
The Albanian in Front of and Inside the Canon
Alma Dema, Canditate Risvan Tershalla
Pages: 26-35


During XX-th century, Albania is known to be governed by a doubble law: the institutional one and the territorial one. With the territorial law, it means a law made and applied by people not by the goverment. One of these, has been Lek Dukagjini’s Canon, which has been mainly used in Northern Albania, within the area in the same name, Dukagjin. It is also shown in one part of Kosovo too, principally, the zones nearby Albania’s administrative bounder. This paper is going to go through this experience trying to set out the possibly origin of Lek Dukagjini’s Canon, the grounds in where it has been applied, the way in which it has acted, the neccesity to live under Canon and the consequences if there is no deside to live inside it. We, also, are going to face the main figures of the period we are speaking, who acted for Canon or were against its implementation and existence. We are going to have in consideration their opinions and judgements looking for the power it has, even nowadays, in Albania.

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