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specialty journal of accounting and economics
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 4
The Effect of Benazir Income Support Program on Poverty Reduction: Case Study of the Two Villages in District Swat Pakistan
Waqar Ahmad, Zahoor, Abdullah, Aqsa Bibi, Doan Phuong Dung, Bahram Shah
Pages: 58-69


The determination of this reading is to analyze the role of Benazir's income support program in region Swat Pakistan. The sample size of 200 women were randomly selected from Madyan and Bahrain villages. The results show that Benazir Income Supports Program has 100% positive impact on women's life, reducing the poverty rate. But some women complained about the corruption of the fund transfer system, 73.5% of women said that the BISP transfer system was fair and 26.5% said it is unfair. However, most women were found to be satisfied with the results of the foundation and suggested the government to formulate policies; so that the BISP transfer system will be fairer.

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