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specialty journal of humanities and cultural science
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 2
The Effect of Psychological Operation Techniques on Dissemination of the Energy News
Ebrahim Manavi
Pages: 12-24


The main purpose of this study is to investigate the views of the energy sector journalists of news agencies about the amount and effect of using psychological operation techniques in the dissemination of the news of oil and its products. The present research methodology is applied in terms of paper, quantitative in terms of data and has a descriptive-survey nature. The studied population includes the energy sector journalists of some news agencies and students working in the communication field in Tehran. The sampling method is the convenient sampling method. Therefore, some energy area news agencies and some students working in news agency of Islamic Azad University of Tehran central branch, 148 individuals were selected by using Cochran formula. Data collection tool is a researcher-made questionnaire including 36 questions which the answer to each question is classified based on a 5-point Likert scale. The research data have been analyzed using SPSS software and in two descriptive and inferential levels. In the inferential level, one-sample t and the Chi-square tests have been used. Based on the findings of the present research, in the dissemination of the oil energy news, censure, exaggeration and telling a part of the truth techniques are used. But, misleading, gossip, and testing techniques are not used in the dissemination of the oil energy news and all the truth of this area are not published. According to the energy sector journalists, using psychological operation techniques has an effect on the audiences.

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