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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 4, 2018, Issue 2
The Effectiveness of Family Based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy on Children's Anxiety
Hasan Rahgozar, Najmeh Vadiee, Farideh Naderi, Mojtabah Rasti
Pages: 26-32


The present study aims at determining the efficacy of family based cognitive-behavioral therapy on children's anxiety. In a quasi-experimental study, 140 boys’ with the ages of 10-12 with scores above 24 on the Spence Children's Anxiety Scale were enrolled. The mothers completed the Spence Children's Anxiety Scale-Parent Version. Mothers and children were randomly assigned to both control and case groups. The Experimental group attended 8 sessions of family based cognitive-behavioral therapy. The findings showed a significant difference between Experimental and control groups in anxiety, with reduction in the Experimental group. Experimental group mothers also, reported a significant reduction in their children’s.

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