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specialty journal of humanities and cultural science
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 3
The Impact of Group Narrative Therapy on the Depression of Children Suffering from Grief
Vajiheh Ghobadi rad
Pages: 31-37


This study aimed to investigate the effect of narrative therapy on reducing depression in children conducted with grief. This is a semi-experimental study with pre-test and post-test with control group. The study population consisted of all children aged 11-7 in Tehran in 2013 who due to the loss of a loved one, have had a bereavement. And statistical sample included 20 cases of children who experience the loss of a loved one, or more than one person and according to the criteria of the study, patients were diagnosed according to mourn Byrlsvn Depression Scale depression. In the present case, a multistage randomly assigned to experimental and control groups (10 patients in the control group and 10 patients in the experimental group). The data collection tools were Grief children Byrlsvn Depression Scale for Children and the narrative therapy training package. Narrative therapy sessions during the 1-hour sessions were conducted separately for the experimental group. The results of the comparison of the mean and standard deviation of the data showed that narrative therapy can be used as a strategy to reduce depression in bereaved children. The effect of such interference terms can vary depending on the duration and the difference in children over 1 year of suffering bereavement of loved ones were dramatic.

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