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specialty journal of biological sciences
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 4
To Study Genesis of Testis Tissue in Male Infants of Rat That Were Born from Mothers Who Were Cared by Haloperidol Drug
Nasim Haji-Asadollahi, Mehrdad Shariati
Pages: 1-10


This paper is to evaluate the effect of Haloperidol drug in changes of tests tissue and spermatogenesis process. 40 pregnant female rat of vistar race were studied empirically in 5 groups with 8 members and 8 male infants out of each group were tested randomly. There was not medicine care on control group. Control group recived 1 cc distilled water as drug’s solvent. Empirical group received Haloperidol drug 12/5, 25, 50 mg/kg every day for 28 days orally. Hemat imeteric was performed when time period was over and after drug prescription. Hematosmples were gathered in order to measure serum concentration of hormones: LH, FSH and testosterone by radio immunocy method. According to results, 25, 50 mg/kg Haloperidol consumption has led to lose weight and testosterone reduction while, has increased LH, FSH concentration. To evaluate on testis tissue showed some obvious reduction in cell sequence of spermatogenesis by dose of 25, 50 mg/kg.weight – average of testes had not meaningful difference between control group and empirical group who had received drug. Eating 50 mg/kg Haloperidol reduced erume concentration of testosterone hormone and attenuate production process of spermatogenesis cells, whereas it increases serum concentration of LH, FSH hormones and this show remedy activity by hippofiz to exudte gonadoteropins. Hence, if this drug is used in long time, generation efficiency will bedecreased.

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