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specialty journal of humanities and cultural science
Volume 1, 2016, Issue 1
Violence against women in Iran : why , how and protect against it
Asal Azimian, Bagher Shamloo
Pages: 26-31


Violence in general and violence against women in particular, is a global phenomenon rooted what the wind would seem to study this phenomenon and ways of dealing with it . With that in mind a few tips outlined can be downloaded This requires a comprehensive review of the planning area is adequate visibility For example, the fact that violence against women in Iran for several reasons False belief, education, social issues, often concealing the Most complete and comprehensive statistics on violence are Violence against women in both the public and private domains will apply . In other words, the public sector together with a set of economic, cultural , religious, political , familial , legal , psychological , social and face Each has a large impact on these behaviors are And in the private sphere of the family and the wife dealing with agents In other words, it is the main component and it can be called domestic violence . The main strategy for the prevention of violence against women can be the first in summary, the general concept of women's empower me. Their empowerment in terms of self-confidence, social skills , such as learning to say no and ..., Economic potential , its scientific and ... The next step should be the role of legislative bodies to Situation more and more laws to protect women against violence noted.

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