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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 2
Creation and Dynamics of Lex Mercatoria in Light of International Commercial Arbitration Procedure
Ayoub Partovi, Mostafa Mandegar, Reza Zarei
Pages: 1-13
The Confrontation between New and Old Government Theories in Constitutionalism Era and its Effects on Shiites’ Political Mindset
Aboulghasem Tahmasebi Shahrbabak, Ali Akbar Amini
Pages: 14-25
Oedipus Complex Symptoms; Will to Power in Schizophrenia
Fateh Moradi
Pages: 26-37
Inviolability of Life, Property, and Honor of Non-Muslim in Jurisprudence
Yaser Jalayer Sarnaghi, Naser Jalayer Sarnaghi
Pages: 38-48
The Rules of the International Law Are in the Holy Qur'an
Alireza Movahedi
Pages: 49-56
Impact of International Sanctions on Recent Gravity in Iran
Alireza Movahedi
Pages: 61-78
Study of the Exception Rei Judicata of the Criminal Law Principle in International Criminal Law
Parisa Monavari, Mohsen Fallah
Pages: 79-83
Impact of Foreseeable Damage on Civil Liability Dispute in Iran and France
Negar Abbaspour Niyari, Fariba Moshirpour
Pages: 84-93
Investigating the Reasons for Iran’s Absence from the International Court of Justice for the United Arab Emirates Claim over the Three Islands
Mehdi Kazemi
Pages: 94-99
A Comparative Glance at Thomas Hobbes, John Locke Ideas about the Concept of ‎Freedom
Khashayar Bourbouri
Pages: 100-116

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specialty journal of politics and law
Issue 2, Volume 5, 2020