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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 5, 2019, Issue 3
The Effect of Social Skills Training on Social Adaptation, Progress Motivation and Self-Esteem among High School Female Students in Tabriz
Faeze Pourpeyghambar
Pages: 1-7
Relationship between Classroom Climate and Academic Vitality of Second-Grade Secondary School Students
Maryam Akhlaghi, Alireza Mohammadinejad Ganji
Pages: 8-14
The Effectiveness of Life skills training on Reducing Depression, Anxiety and Stress Male Addicts Professor Moharari Psychiatric Hospital
Mehnoosh Hedayati
Pages: 15-23
Epidemiology of Suicide Attempt in Noor City, 2017-2018
Mozhgan Ahmadi
Pages: 24-30
Relationship between Making Love Styles and Personality Traits with Satisfaction with Life
Mohsen Jadidi, Mahya Abdian
Pages: 31-37
Strategies for Conflict Resolution among Farming Communities in Ogu/Bolo and Eleme Local Government Areas of Rivers State, Nigeria
Nwaogwugwu O. N., Dabelema D.
Pages: 38-45
Appreciative Leadership and Teacher’s Subjective Well-being:‎ An Appreciative Tool for an Appreciative Outcome
Suhair Bashaireh1, Solomon Arulraj David‎
Pages: 46-63
The Perceived Impacts of Entrepreneurial Education on Entrepreneurial ‎Intentions among Undergraduate Students in South-West, Nigeria‎
Oluwatoyin G., Bawalla, Luqman O. Muraina
Pages: 64-77

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specialty journal of psychology and management
Issue 1, Volume 6, 2020